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AC installation

AC Installation

Either it be your new AC or old AC, it needs real expertise and care to install the machine. A properly installed Air Conditioner supplies desired cooling and avoids any future breakdown. We take care of:

  • Assembling of all parts provided by manufacturer (new unit) or the customer (old unit)
  • Installation at a feasible and appropriate location
  • Check-up of all settings post installation
  • Check-up of performance of the AC unit post installation
  • Gas pressure check-up post installation

Installation Details

Arctic Cool Engineering consider the following during the installation of a split air conditioner.

  • Strength of wall to hold the AC unit’s weight
  • Proper spacing between wall and AC unit surrounding its top and sides for proper air flow.
  • Appropriate installation height of the indoor unit of Split AC from ground for adequate cooling inside the room
  • Correct tilt angle of indoor unit to enable unrestricted flow of the condensed water from the drain pipe.
  • Correct location of outdoor unit at location away from direct sunlight and water. Ensure open space to ensure no hindrance to the heat dissipated from the condenser.
  • Proper placement of outdoor unit on a flat surface to prevent vibration which can lead to the breakage of copper pipes, coolant leakage and compressor/condenser damage, and noise.
  • Right distance between indoor and outdoor unit which plays a very important role in cooling.
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